Family & Matrimonial

Our solicitors understand dealing with family matters can be stressful and testing times for individuals involved, hence they fully appreciate the mental state of clients’ going through family problems. Our solicitors are equipped with ample experience and knowledge to provide the best advice to their clients, and to achieve the desired results. 

We deal with all aspects of family law such as pre-nuptial and post nuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, Divorce, Children matters, non-molestation orders, occupation orders, financial settlements and provision of maintenance issues.  Our lawyers have vast knowledge and experience of Islamic law and have the required expertise in dealing with different jurisdictions.


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Pre-Nuptial Agreement

 Pre-nuptial agreements are becoming increasingly popular among the young and wealthy prospective couples. These agreements can be vital to avoiding lengthy and costly court proceedings in case of legal separation or divorce.

Pre-nuptial agreement is a legal agreement between two individuals before their marriage takes place. It can help protect the wealth/property accumulated before marriage and how the couple intend to divide their wealth in case of legal separation and divorce.

Generally, pre-nuptial agreements are not automatically legally binding, however if the agreement is in accordance with certain legal formalities will carry significant weight and can be upheld in the courts of law.

Pre-nuptial agreement is important as once married, the assumption is that the assets are joint and be shared between the parties after the dissolution civil partnership or marriage. It is particularly advisable that the prospective couple may consider pre-nuptial agreement in the following circumstances:

  • Where one party is wealthier than the other
  • Parties are bringing significant assets into the marriage
  • Where either of the parties has children from previous marriage and they want to protect wealth for those children.
  • Where either party runs a business, and it wishes to protect it.

Pre-nuptial agreement can be considered as unromantic and interpreted by certain people as planning the end of a relationship which is yet to be formalised. However, it is advisable to consider pre-nuptial agreement to have a stable relationship and legal protection of your wealth in case of divorce or separation